Monday, October 25, 2010

Volume XIX, Issue 9, November, 2010

The Charlotte Herb Guild Newsletter

Next meeting:
Tuesday, Nov. 9 2010

“Herb Guild View”

Garden Council House
1820 East Seventh Street
Charlotte, NC 28204

Hostesses: Mary Beth Collins, Lyn Lytle and Mary Ann Nagel

Please consider volunteering to be a hostess for the January Business Meeting.  
We need at least 2 hostesses.

Visitors are welcome: $5.00
Charlotte Herb Guild
Minutes October 2010

Vice-President, Lara Barnett, called the meeting to order at about 7:30PM, with 18 members and 0 guests in attendance. Members approved the September minutes unanimously.  Jane Ireton, Hilda Norwood and Judy Powell were thanked for the delicious refreshments.

Committee reports were as follows:

Lara Barnett: Field trip
Members voted on three options that would include garden visits in Asheville or in Chapel Hill. The winning trip was the visit to the NC Arboretum and WNC farmer’s market in Asheville with lunch at the Grove Park Inn.  The trip will be by coach and will likely be on a Saturday in spring.  Updates on the trip will be posted on this CHG website.

Mary Ann: Hezekiah Garden
The garden project is on hiatus for the winter. The group may make one additional trip to tidy up before the cold weather arrives.

Dixie Kelly: Treasurer’s Report is available at the CHG documents website.  Use the CHG login and password. 

Lara Barnett: Old Business
Garden Council State Convention, May 1-3, 2010: Contact Teresa Travelute or Dana DeBellis if you would be willing to serve on a subcommittee for the guild project, making centerpieces for a luncheon. Members are encouraged to find teapots for the centerpieces.  The plan is to include a teapot in each table design. The centerpieces will be sold at the event.

New Business/Announcements:
Dixie Spivey’s three-panel display on edible flowers won second prize at the recent Elizabeth home tour.

Program: Herbal Homemaking.
Lara Barnett, Dixie Kelly and Margery Orell presented a program on cooking with herbs. Dixie made Parmesan herb bread and shared other tips that she has developed for using herbs. Lara made fresh yogurt and fresh cheese and added herb flavorings for samples. Margery gave a presentation on making the NY Times no-knead bread recipe with added ingredients, garlic and rosemary.

The meeting adjourned around 9:15PM

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