Charlotte Herb Guild Membership 2017-2018

Charlotte Herb Guild Application for Membership 2017-2018

Complete and return this application with your check payable to The Charlotte Herb Guild. Renewing members may bring form and dues to the March 2017 meeting.  New and returning members may mail membership form and dues to

Margery Orell
1133 Berkeley Ave.
Charlotte NC 28203

Deadline for renewing CHG membership is the CHG March 2017 meeting
The Charlotte Herb Guild limits its membership to 42 people.  Prospective members may join the CHG by submitting this application and applicable dues after attending one meeting.  If space is unavailable, applicants will be put on a waiting list until a vacancy occurs.

Please check the appropriate dues category

________$30.00 Renewing and New Members
________$15.00 New Member after August 01
________$15.00 USPS newsletter delivery with no membership. Electronic version on blog.


Street Address

City, State, Zip

Preferred phone number


Members agree to participate by regularly attending CHG meetings, providing meeting refreshments (with another CHG member) once a year and assisting with the annual Charlotte Herb Guild booth at a local farmers market.



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