Friday, April 22, 2011

Volume XX, Issue 3, May 2011

The Charlotte Herb Guild Newsletter

Next meeting:
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hypertufa Pots

6319 Deveron Dr.
Charlotte, NC 28211

Hostesses:  Sandie Fenton, Lana Andrews, Joan Smith

Guests are welcome:  $5.00
Minutes of the April meeting

The meeting was called to order at 7:15PM by President Theresa Nardi.  She thanked hostesses Theresa Travelute and Trudy Christian for the evening's refreshments. 

Pineapple sage was an ingredient in all the recipes.   

All the recipes for the refreshments are located in the recipe tab, above.

Members approved the March minutes.  A motion to rejoin the NC Herb Association was seconded and unanimously approved.  The Guild financial report was deferred to the May meeting.

Announcements and updates:

1.  Membership chair, Netta Turnbull, introduced the guest of Theresa Travelute, Susie Gibson.  She also announced that the Guild now has 31 members.

2.  President Nardi announced that the Council House trustees agreed to give the Guild access to a full closet on the second floor.  It will be keyed so that items may be stored securely there.

3.  Margery Orell gave the update on the May 14 trip to Asheville.  She will send out an Evite asking for an RSVP to the trip.  The chartered coach holds 43 persons so all members and some guests can be accommodated.  She advised members to car pool to the Council House where they may park for the day.  The coach will leave at 7:30 AM and will arrive back in Charlotte around 7:00PM.  The trip includes a tour of the NC Arboretum and lunch at the Grove Park Inn.  The trip is free for all members.  She advised members to bring $30.00 per guest and give the fee to Theresa Nardi or Margery Orell at departure.

4.  Matthews Market chair, Lynn Lytle invited members to participate in a "tussie mussie" working evening at her home on Friday, May 20. Workers will prepare tussie mussies for the Saturday, May 20, sale. 

She asked for volunteers to prepare sweet and savory items from the Guild cookbook for the sale.  Margery Orell and Mary Beth Collins agreed to that task.  Chair Lytle also requests 2-3 more volunteers for the market day, beginning at 7:00AM.

5.  Theresa Travelute, Program Chair,  announced that the May meeting will be held at her home, beginning at 6:30PM.  She requests that members park on one side of the street.  She cautioned members to wear old clothes and gloves and requested that members bring a old plastic or clay pot that will be used to form the hypertufa pot and a sturdy piece of wood or inflexible cookie sheet that can be used to carry the finished pot.  

6.  Mary Beth Collins, Hospitality Chair, asked that members sign up for available hostess dates in this year's calendar.  She is especially looking for volunteers for the July meeting.  She also announced that the date for the February Tea falls on Valentine's Day.  She is hoping, with member approval,  to move the Tea date to Monday Feb. 13.  Finally she asked for a show of hands of members who have a key to the Council House in order to get an idea of access and security.

7.  Yorkmont Farmers Market Chair, Joan Smith announced that the Market date will be in September with a work date TBA in August.  Later in the summer, she and co-chairs, Sandie Fenton and Julie Courtney, will ask for volunteers to participate in the bake sale, the tussie mussie and the cookbook sales.  Chair Smith asked for volunteers to head up the tussie mussie sale.  Ann Baldwin and Judy Powell volunteered.

8.  Lara Barnett introduced members to the "Herb of the Month,"  Pineapple Sage. 

The meeting adjourned at 8:00PM.  

The program for the evening was the herb exchange.  Members brought a variety of herbs that were disseminated through a drawing.

Respectfully submitted,
Margery Orell
Communication Chair

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