Tuesday, November 18, 2008

2008 September Minutes

Minutes of September 2008 Meeting

At 7:35 pm President Mary Beth Collins called the meeting to order. 

She thanked hostesses Shirley Patton, Holly Jeffries, Dana DeBellis, Linda Ferguson, and Patti Harlan for the lovely refreshments in keeping with the honey theme of our program. Dixie Spivey introduced guests Brenda Duckworth, Louise Hoard, and Barbara Branch. 

Leslie Belcher introduced Dr. Art Duckworth from Apple Orchard Farm in Stanley, NC. Dr. Duckworth’s PowerPoint presentation traced the life cycle of the honey bee and stressed the importance of bees to our economy and environment. Harmful pesticides and the importation of an Australian bee population have led to the almost complete extermination the wild bee population and have seriously harmed large commercial bee keepers. Questions and answers were on-going throughout the lecture, and everyone gave Dr. Duckworth heartfelt applause as the program ended. Dr. Duckworth brought an assortment of local honey and honey products which members enthusiastically purchased. 


Mary Beth thanked Lara Barnett and Holly Jeffries for organizing the Farmers Market on Saturday, September 6th. Lara reported an after-taxes total of approximately $1939 and estimates that we may realize a profit of approximately $1700 once all receipts are paid.


Treasurer Dixie Kelly distributed expense reimbursement sheets for those with outstanding Farmers Market expenses.  Dixie can email these if needed.


Mary Beth announced that due to time constraints we would forego additional business items until the October meeting. The meeting was adjourned.


Respectfully submitted,

Pat Lookabill, Recording



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