The CHG Newsletter, LVIII Volume 6 September 2017

The Charlotte Herb Guild Newsletter
LVIII Volume 6  September 2017

The Charlotte Herb Guild
September 12, 2017 Meeting
Garden Council House
1820 East Seventh Street

President Mary Beth Collins called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. and thanked the hostesses Julie Courtney and Susan Poel for a providing such a delicious buffet with a beautiful centerpiece arranged with the help of Dixie Kelly.

Mary Beth asked for approval of the August minutes, and they were duly approved.

Margie Orell introduced guests Martha Bash, Anna Brandl’s sister, and Marge Wilson, the guest of Susan Oleson.

Dixie Kelly gave the Treasurer’s report saying that there had been no activity that month so the balance remained $7680.79.

Ann Baldwin reported on the Back Country Days event at the Hezekiah Alexander House. The garden had been tidied up and she and several other Herb Guild members answered visitors’ questions about the herbs during the event. Ann also said that Lana found a spigot closer to the herb garden, so no new water connection will be needed. A work day will be planned for late September.

Eric Ritchie said Virginia’s Herb Garden at the McGill Rose Garden looks good.

As for Garden Council news, Linda MacDonald said the President’s Tea was informative, with all garden clubs having an opportunity to update the group on their activities. The Sardiswoods Garden Club will be selling amaryllis bulbs and pecans rather than holiday greenery. The District 3 Regional Meeting will be held at the Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens on October 11 and is open to all Council members for a $25 fee. Information was included in the Garden Council newsletter. Be sure to RSVP if you are attending.

Julie Courtney said that invitations for the Sunday, October 15 Annual Tea Party at the McGill Rose Garden will be mailed next week. The event this year is open to members and guests, as well as any Garden Council member. If you are intending to bring a guest, please include that in your RSVP to Julie Courtney.. Other Council members will also respond to Julie.

Lana introduced the two store managers of Matthews’ Pike Nursery who spoke on growing herbs for your garden and their culinary uses. Lana then awarded several door prizes.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Oleson

Communications Chair

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