The CHG Newsletter LIX Volume 6 November 2017

The Charlotte Herb Guild Newsletter
LIX Volume 6 November 2017

The Charlotte Herb Guild
November 14, 2017 Meeting
Garden Council House
1820 East Seventh Street

President Mary Beth Collins called the meeting to order at 7:20 p.m. and thanked the hostesses Margie Orell, Susan Oleson, and herself for providing the food for the evening. She also thanked Julie Courtney for her commendable work in organizing the October Tea Party.

Mary Beth asked for approval of the September minutes. Susan Poel made a motion, and they were duly approved.

Margie Orell introduced Jeri Kellett, Kay Herold, and Faye Janson guests of Lana Andrews and Phyllis Cutrell; Amber Young, guest of Stephanie Holden; Julia Thomas, guest of Suzanne Williams; and Marge Wilson, guest of Susan Oleson.

Dixie Kelly gave the Treasurer’s report saying that there had been no activity that month so the balance remained at about $7680.

Ann Baldwin reported there will be one more work day this year at the Hezekiah Alexander House garden. It will be on Tuesday, November 28 at 9:30. Mary Beth announced that Beth Burgin has agreed to be in charge of maintaining the Council House herb garden. Dana invited members to pick herbs at Virginia’s Garden at the McGill Rose Garden.

As for Garden Council news, Linda MacDonald said the group has received many wonderful donations. The Garden Council house has been rented from December 1-10 for an event involving dessert vendors.

Mary Beth informed the members that the Executive Board met on November 5 to finalize revision of the CHG Bylaws. The proposed revisions will be voted on at the January 9, 2018, business meeting. Susan Oleson will send a copy of the proposed changes along with the November 14 minutes to the members prior to the meeting.

Suzanne Williams presented the Herb of the Month – turmeric. Suzanne read “Grandmother’s Sweet Prescription” from The New York Times. Susan Oleson will send Suzanne’s turmeric recipes to members.

Lana Andrews and Phyllis Cutrell led the night’s program on Making Herbal Gifts. Their presentation included several lovely gifts they had hand crafted, and then the members had an opportunity to mix herbs to make a bouquet garni, attaching the muslin bag to a wooden spoon.  The demonstrated gifts were used as door prizes.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Oleson

Communications Chair

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