The CHG Newsletter LVIII Volume 7 January 2018

The Charlotte Herb Guild Newsletter
LVIII Volume 7 January 2018

The Charlotte Herb Guild
Meeting of January 9, 2018
Garden Council House
1820 East Seventh Street

President Mary Beth Collins called the meeting to order at 7:30 p.m. and thanked the hostesses Dixie Kelly, Dana DeBellis, Brenda Dills, Stephanie Holden, and Julie Courtney for providing the food for the evening.

Margie Orell, Membership Chair, introduced Martha Bash, sister of Anna Brandl.

Mary Beth asked for approval of the November meeting minutes. Ann Baldwin made a motion, and they were duly approved.

Mary Beth read the list of nominated officers for 2018-2019 and asked if anyone wanted to add names to the slate. With a show of hands, the proposed slate of officers was approved.

President: Mary Beth Collins
Vice President: Susan Poel
Program Co-Chairs: Lana Andrews and Ann Baldwin
Treasurer: Dixie Kelly
Communications Chair: Susan Oleson
Membership Chair: Margery Orell

Mary Beth thanked these members have agreed to serve in the following roles:
Garden Council Liaison:  Linda MacDonald
Hospitality:  Stephanie Holden
Potluck Co-chairs:  Dana Debellis and Patti Harlan
Tea Party:  Julie Courtney
Outreach:  Ann Baldwin and Mary Ann Nagel
Virginia's Garden:  Dana DeBellis
Council House Herb Garden:  Beth Burgin
Farmers Market: Holly Jeffries

Mary Beth reviewed each of the proposed changes to the CHG bylaws. With some discussion, Stephanie Holden made a motion to adopt all the changes. Mary Beth ensured there was a quorum, and with a show of hands the changes to the bylaws were approved.

Dixie Kelly gave the Treasurer’s report saying that she had deposited $220 into the guild account thanks to the number of visitors that have attended meetings. Additionally, a $50 donation was deposited as a thank you to Susan Poel from another garden club for a presentation she made. Dixie suggested we sponsor two students this year, at $100 each, to attend the Davidson Symposium in March. Susan Oleson asked that the students be from Central Piedmont Community College, and she then made a motion to approve the scholarship expense. It was approved.

Ann Baldwin reported there is a new director at the Museum of History, Andrea Focht. Ann invited Andrea to attend an Herb Guild meeting.  Mary Ann and Ann will meet Andrea in February.

Beth Burgin, tasked with the upkeep of the Council House Garden, told members she had added pansies to it to fill in some empty areas and to brighten it up.

Mary Beth said the CHG has a $200 fundraising opportunity on Wednesday, May 16. We are asked to provide lunch for approximately 20 members of the Sardiswood Garden Club at one of their member’s homes near Ballantyne and visit Ross Farms. Mary Beth will find out more information about how many of our members could also participate.  CHG members who wish to help provide food may contact Mary Beth.

Mary Beth learned at the Council Trustees’ meeting that this is the Year of Birds and the Council wants to encourage member garden clubs to participate in this effort. In this regard, Susan Poel sent a website, Birds and Blooms.  Some of the herbs that attract birds include lemon balm, oregano, bee balm (Monarda), borage blossoms, bottlebrush, coriander/cilantro, dandelion, rosemary, sage, fennel, thyme, anise, kelp, chickweed, garlic, milk thistle seed, lavender, dill, and basil.

Lana Andrews presented peppermint as the Herb of the Month and brought a potted specimen for club members to see and smell. It was offered as a door prize.

Mary Beth and Lana drew numbers for door prizes. Each member received one due to the generosity of Mary Beth, Lana, and Suzanne Williams.

Lana Andrews and Ann Baldwin led the process of voting on and selecting programs for the upcoming year.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Oleson

Communications Chair

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