Newsletter XVII Volume 1 March 2017

The Charlotte Herb Guild Newsletter
LVIII Volume 1
March 2017
The Charlotte Herb Guild
March 14, 2017
The Charlotte Council of Garden Clubs

President Mary Beth Collins called the meeting to order at 7:30. Members approved the minutes of the February 15 meeting and thanked the hostesses Holly Jeffries and Stephanie Holden for a beautiful and delicious buffet. Mary Beth then presented Lana with a gift card with thanks from the Guild members for a job well done as president.

Membership Chair Margie Orell introduced the dxMarch guests—Lana Andrews brought her friend Janis Robinson, Dana DeBellis  brought her mother Carolyn Griffin, and Linda MacDonald brought her daughter Kate Aberman. Margie then introduced new member Beth Burgin.

Treasurer Dixie Kelly apprised the members that the current account balance is $7764 which does not include any membership dues for 2017-18. She will bring a proposed budget to the next meeting.  Mary Beth reminded members that if they need funds for a project they should make a budget request.

Lynn Lytle and Holly Jefferies gave a few updates on the Farmers’ Market. The guild had a chance to change its date from May 6 to May 13, the day before Mother’s Day. After a brief discussion, it agreed to do so. Lynn will notify Pauline from the Farmers’ Market of the change. Members were asked to sign up to bake samples from the cookbook for distribution at the market and also to volunteer to work one of two shifts that day. Samples should be cut into bite-size pieces and presented on a serving tray. Holly had contacted Friendship Trays about using its kitchen for baked goods to sell, but it was decided not to do it this year. The Guild members will sell other products, teas, vinegars, salts, etc. that can be made in their homes.

Ann Baldwin gave the garden report and requested help at the Hezekiah Alexander House. She distributed sign-up sheets. Brenda Dills planted a beautiful garden in front of the Council House.

Linda MacDonald, the Garden Council Liaison, informed the group of a few upcoming events. The Council will have a free tour of the Metrolina Greenhouse on March 21, and a card-making workshop on March 22 with a $10 fee. The Council will have its annual Plant and Attic sale on Saturday, April 22 from 8-1. Members are asked to donate plants, books, household items, etc. but not clothing to support this cause. Plants may be left behind the Council house, and other items may be given to Linda, Mary Beth, or Margie.

Linda also said that the Garden Council has requested money to help buy house supplies and for cleaning services. The Guild members approved allocating $90 this year to cover a cleaning.

For new business, Mary Beth said the Executive Board is working on updating the Guild bylaws. She asked that if anyone had bylaws of similar organizations that they send them to her. Also, the Board decided that no more cookbooks will be sold. There are only eleven left and they will be saved for new members and used as gifts.

Lana Andrews reminded members that the next meeting will be on Saturday, April 8 at 10:00 am at Adventures in Herbs. The program will be conducted by Brenda Dills and Dixie Kelly on container gardening. Members may bring their own containers to make a garden if they wish. Soil will be provided, and plants can be purchased.

Lana then introduced the speakers from The Savory Spice Shop, Amy and Scott MacCabe, who presented on varieties of vanilla and cinnamon. Members thoroughly enjoyed the talk and tasting sample cookies and teas. Mary Beth recognized Lana, Phyllis, and Carol for making the snickerdoodles.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Oleson
Communications Chair


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