Farmers Market Volunteers

Matthews Farmer’s Market Volunteers

Saturday, May 13, 2017

7:45 to 10:00

L. Andrews
A. Brandl
A. Baldwin
J. Courtney
D. Kelly  
 L. Lytle
S. Oleson
C. White

9:45 to 12:00

A. Brandl
A. Baldwin
M.B. Collins
D. DeBellis
S. Fenton
D. Kelly
L. MacDonald
S. Oleson
S. Williams?
M. A. Nagel


Date Nut Bread—A. Brandl
Rosemary Shortbread—M. Orell
Pine Nut Shortbread or crackers-M.B. Collins
Undecided-P. Cutrell


Herbal Salts—D. DeBellis
Rosemary Pecans--S. Fenton
Herb salt, compound butter, whatever you need—S. Poel
Out of town, but will make something ahead--P. Harlan

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